Sunday, February 1, 2009

Schmitt Looks Ahead, Behind

WCHS, Radio 58

Former West Virginia University fullback Owen Schmitt returned to the Mountain State on Thursday to mingle with fans.
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"He (Schmidt) said if I could get paid, I swear to you he said I'd play the rest of my career at West Virginia University if they paid college players," Tony said.

The moment that captured Owen's love for the school and the state is captured forever on YouTube where he gave an emotional account of what it meant to play for WVU at the end of the Fiesta Bowl his senior. He says his current teammates on the Seattle Seahawks still ride him a little about that.

"It was a special moment. It came from the heart after the game. I still get a lot of slack for it in the locker room," Owen says.
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The 6'2” Schmitt has seen action on the Seattle's offense and special teams playing in every game except the opener. He's hoping this next season will be his year to start.

"The GM (of Seattle) I was talking to him. Tim Ruskell, he told me just come in shape and fight for that starting job. Come in knowing that you're fighting for the starting," Schmitt said.

In next few weeks, Owen Schmitt will begin intensive training before he returns to Seattle for spring training camp.
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