Sunday, February 15, 2009

2004 Undrafted Players

Lance Frazier: As an undrafted free agent in 2004, Frazier was initially picked up be the Baltimore Ravens but was quickly waived before the beginning of the season. The Cowboys picked him up and gave him playing time.

During the 2004 season, Frazier played on both defense and special teams. On special teams he returned punts 24 times and had a 9.9 yardd return average. He also fumbled twice, both in a loss to the Eagles, garnering the ire of then head coach Bill Parcels. On defense, he had 34 solo tackles and 2 interceptions.

In 2005, the Cowboys released Frazier shortly after he sprained his ankle. Other than a short 2006 training camp stint with the Seahawks, he has not returned to the NFL.

After being cut from the Cowboys in 2005, Frazier began his AFL career. He was signed by the Tampa Bay Storm, however I can't find anything on his production there. In 2006 he was traded to the New Orleans Voodoo, an expansion team at the time, but was put onto the exempt roster because he was offered a contract in the CFL. As far as his AFL status is concerned, his contract was traded to the Philadelphia Soul but he is still on their exempt roster.

In 2006, when the AFL's Voodoo exempted Frazier, he began his CFL career. He was signed by the Saskatchewan Roughriders where he has spent the past three years. He only played one game in 2006, possibly because of his Seahawk's training camp stint. In 2007 and 2008 he appeared to progress. In 2008, he led the team with 5 interceptions. In 2009, the Roughriders resigned him before he entered free agency.

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