Monday, January 26, 2009

2006 Undrafted Players

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Mike Lorello: The Pittsburgh Steelers picked up undrafted safety Lorello. Lorello signed with the Steelers, passing up other options such as the Bears. He was signed, released, and resigned multiple times while playing on the practice squad. Finally, in September of 2007, he was released for the last time after an injury.

Anthony Mims: The Chargers picked up Mims, a cornerback, after the draft. He was released before the season even began. It doesn't look as if he tried to continue his career elsewhere.

Jahmile Addae: The Buccaneers first signed Addae but he was shortly cut. Afterward he received interest from the Titans but ultimitly signed with the Colts.

During summer training camp, Addae collapsed while practicing and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, his career was ended when he found out he had an enlarged heart. Addae currently lives in his hometown in Florida, teaching and coaching at his high school Alma mater.

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