Monday, January 5, 2009

2005 NFL Draftees

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Rasheed Marshall: Marshall was drafted by the 49ers in the fifth round (174th overall) and wasn't particularly impressive there. He was converted from QB to receiver and used as a return specialist. He had 43 touches as either a punt or kick returner and averaged 5.1 and 18.8 yards a return, respectively. More importantly he had 4 fumbles during those 43 touches. I don't think coaches like giving the ball back after kicks/punts. Marshall was let go after the 2005 season. Between 2006 and 2007 he hopped from the Steelers (another surprise) to the Rams practice squad before departing for the Arena League. I don't know much about the Arena League, so if you're interested you can check out his stats.

Chris Henry: Not one of West Virginia's favorite sons. He was drafted in the third round (83rd overall) by the Bengals. On the field he hasn't been great recently. Looking at his stats, he seems to have peaked in 2006 with 605 receiving yards and only had 220 in 2008 (while only playing in one more game in 2006 than 2008). Of course, the Bengals were beat up this year and looked downright ugly. Unless they were playing the Redskins, anyway.

Adam "Pacman" Jones: Titans to Cowboys, troubles the name. I don't feel like getting into it. For more insight, watch the hilarious video below.

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