Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update on Schmitt and the Rest of the Trio

Is a blog still a blog without new content? Well, here we go...

Owen "Beer Truck" Schmitt is overwhelmingly the most impressive of the big three that also includes Patrick White and Steve Slaton.

Schmitt was picked up by the Eagles from the Seattle Seahawks at the beginning of the season and has since accumulated more receiving yards than in his previous two seasons. So far he has 70 yards on 7 receptions. The most in one game was 3 receptions for 43 years against the Washington Redskins, which included yet another impressive leap reminiscent of the good old days. That catch and one other can be seen in the video below.

Patrick White and Steve Slaton have, in comparison, have had less than ideal years.

Slaton, after an impressive outing during his rookie season with the Houston Texans, has floundered since the beginning of last season. In the previous season, he suffered through fumble troubles, dropping the ball 7 times, while competing for snaps with other tailbacks. This year, still not at the starting job, Slaton has only had 17 touches but has a 5.5 yards per carry average and no fumbles.

As if you didn't know, White was cut from the Miami Dolphins before the start of the season. Luckily, he's a talented guy and took a contract from the Kansas City Royals. Probably for the best, considering the looming NFL lockout and the fact that he has the potential for a significantly higher paycheck in the MLB than the NFL. Must be nice to have those kind of options.

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