Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2009 Undrafted Players

Mortty Ivy: The Carolina Panthers picked up linbacker Mortty Ivy after the draft.

He made some notable plays during training camp, including interecepting a pass for a touchdown and seperating a pass from reciever. He also suffered a groin injury.

Ivy a couple of big plays during his four pre-season games, including a tackle for a loss against the Giants and a forced fumble against the Steelers.

At the end of the pre-season, Ivy was waived but re-signed to the practice squad.

Greg Isdaner: The Dallas Cowboys signed guard Greg Isdaner after the draft.

Isdaner played with the third team during training camp and was given slim chances of making the team.

He played in three pre-season games, was hazed, and eventually waived from the team.

Ryan Stanchek: The Atlanta Falcons picked up guard Ryan Stanchek after the draft. He played in four pre-season games but was released before the begining of the season.

Dorrell Jalloh: Jalloh was invited to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' rookie mini-camp after the draft. He was not signed and ended up in the Montreal Alouettes' training camp. The Alouttes cut him before camp ended.

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