Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White Works Out With Broncos reports the Broncos are looking at White:
White worked out with the New England Patriots on Wednesday, spending the majority of the workout on wide receiver drills, and worked out with the Denver Broncos on Wednesday, according to league sources.

They also insinuate that the Steelers are one of two teams willing to give him a chance at QB:
White has been on the record as saying he prefers to remain at quarterback, but estimated that only two of 32 teams are giving him serious consideration as a signal-caller. It’s a good bet White — who is not refusing to switch positions — had a clear understanding of those two teams are. In a live chat with White two weeks ago, he said if there was one team he was hoping would take him, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Make of it what you will.

UPDATE: Ed Thompson of believes Denver could be doing a little CYA with the Cutler fiasco going on:
I honestly think the Broncos are preparing for the worst—a messy-divorce with their young, talented quarterback. And with the various trade scenarios that are being rumored, one common theme is evident: The Denver Broncos won't have a quarterback as talented as Jay Cutler at the top of their depth chart when the dust settles.

So the interest in Pat White as a potential quarterback candidate for the team is a viable one, providing the team with a versatile athlete who could compete with Chris Simms and whatever other quarterback ends up in Denver prior to draft weekend.

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