Friday, November 12, 2010

O. Schmitt v. P. McAfee

The week nine game Eagles vs. Colts featured two former WVU players: Owen Schmitt and Pat McAfee.

It was McAfee's first time punting after his one game suspension for his arrest. He had five for an average of 36.8 yards and one inside the 20 yard line.

Schmitt had just one catch on the day, for 12 yards. The catch is in the first play of the video below and shows how much he loves that leaping move.

The second play in the video, a quick squib kick at the end of the second quarter, is usually a throw away play of no interest. But this one was a little unique to a WVU fan since it was kicked by McAfee and, after being muffed by another Eagles player, recovered by Schmitt.

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