Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2001 Undrafted Players

Wes Ours: Before there was the beer truck, there was Wes Ours. At 250lbs in college and likely over 300lbs these days, he was a truck of some type. After a stint in the NFL, the former full back has matured into a linebacker/fullback in the AFL (Are there fullbacks in the AFL? Or just halfbacks?). Using his size to his advantage, Ours is usually used as a blocking back and enjoys it:
"I'm a blocker," said Ours. "They brought me here to block and I don't mind blocking. Like I said, I honed up my skills and my best skill is blocking."
Ours spent the 2001 to 2003 seasons hopping from one NFL team to another. The colts initially picked him as an undrafted free agent. They cut him early in the season but he was quickly picked up by the Titans. The Titans, in turn, also cut him later in the season and the Colts resigned him. In early 2002, before the season, the Colts released him for a second time. The Steelers picked up Ours in 2003. He spent pre-season in training camp, almost went to NFL Europe, but was eventually cut before the season began (not that he didn't try). During his NFL career, outside of making blocks, Ours made one catch for three yards.

Ours made the transition to the AFL after being picked up by the Los Angeles Avengers in 2004. He was unproductive in that year, as he was on injured reserve. In 2005, he was picked up by the Philadelphia Soul and has been there since (though the 2009 AFL season has been canceled). Obviously, he's often used as a blocker but he is often given the ball in short yardage situations as well. Statistically, Ours had his best seasons in 2006 and 2007 when he gained 130 and 129 yards respectively. His statistics decreased in 2008 but he did help his team win the Arenabowl, the AFL championship.

Finally, Wes Ours didn't just get to play the game he loves, he gets to coach it too.

Khori Ivy: For the first three years of his career, he hopped from one practice squad to another as well as spent a season in NFL Europe. The Patriots originally signed Ivy in 2001 and he then moved to the Bengals the before the end of the season. In 2002, Ivy was transferred to NFL Europe's Barcelona Dragons. He caught 27 passes in Spain and gained 350 yards. In 2003, he was picked up by the Steeler. During preseason, Ivy took a tough hit from the Cowboy's Darren Woodson (who was fined for the hit). He suffered a concussion and was cut shortly afterward.

Ivy then moved to the AFL's Detroit Fury. During the 2004 training camp he suffered a season ending ACL tear. In 2005, the Los Angeles Avengers picked Ivy up as a free agent. That year he gained 200 yards on 20 receptions for 6 touchdowns. The following offseason, the Utah Blaze chose Ivy in their expansion draft. However, he was waived in January 2006 and has not since played football professionally.

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